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Dental Access Carolina, L.L.C. is a ground-breaking concept developed by John E. Reese, III, D.M.D.  Dr. Reese identified a significant need for dental care among economically disadvantaged schoolchildren.  He discovered the majority of these children, though eligible for Medicaid, had no regular dentist and received little to no dental care. Dr. Reese developed a model to provide much needed dental care for these children at their schools in mobile dental clinics by local dentists during school hours.  His success has earned them the honor of being used as adjunct teaching facilities for dental students.  Please check out our company information area for information on the mission of our company, the history of our concept, and the founder of Dental Access Carolina, L.L.C.  We also offer information specifically for interested dentists and school systems in the "For Dentists Page" and "For Schools Page" respectively.  Check it out!

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